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At Black Laboratory, we create award-winning animation and develop and supervise animation for clients.

We also make and perform creatures and build prosthetics, puppets, props, models, masks and illusions for our own and others' interactive theatre, films and larp.

Our goal is to create stories and bring breath and life to the characters within them.

animation showreels

We proudly present the work of our animation department, pleasant folk the lot of 'em.

White Mischief - Phyllopteryx

20th April 2011

We built the set and puppet team for Dreamfired's Phyllopteryx at the White Mischief Steampunk cabaret night 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at the Scala in April 2011.

Here's a link to the Londonist, with a nice photo someone else took. The orange one is Boris, the blond one is Conrad.

Skulduggery Pleasant advert

Christmas 2010

A project we did for Harper Collins

Animators Damian Surr, Ben Cadwallader, Ben Mars

Sound design Jerry Leeper

Music, visual design and direction Mr Tom Percival

Little Dog Turpie

Our 2004 animated short, winner of three international Best Animation awards, at IMAF London, Dokufest Kosovo, Karachi International Film Festival.

Animated by Ben Mars, Damian Surr, John Hasted and Sue Done.

Score composed by the ever-amazing Paul Farrer.